5 Effective ways of improving Intelligence Quotient

Improve your Intelligence Quotient with these Five Tricks.

  1. Become a Polymath in Intelligence Quotient Building

Intelligence Quotient – Be an all-round man or woman. Broaden your knowledge, get knowledge from all sections of life, be it music, history, etc. Do not limit your ability. Deepen your mind and character and also imbibe a habit of reading at least a book every week.

2.By playing brain-tasking games

Playing brain-tasking games has numerous benefits, some of which are helping in decision making, lightening up one’s mood and improving mental alertness which all improves the working memory.

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  1. Do regular high cardio exercises.

IQ – Engage in exercises that get the heart rate up. Cardio or aerobic exercises increase the pumping rate of blood. There is something about the release of endorphins that sends your brain into overdrive. Get as many of those endorphins as possible.

  1. Learn an instrument.

By learning to play an instrument, it is a means of tasking the brain. And by so doing, you kindle the brain and this action has a lasting influence on reasoning and calculating ability. This is a method that has been proven scientifically of its efficacy.

  1. Get the Book “Boost Your IQby Carolyn Skit.

You can buy the book and play the games on it. It was written by Mensa nerds, so you can be guaranteed they know what they’re talking about.

Bottom line: your intelligence is not set in genetic stone. You can increase it. And as you do, all the other things you’re trying to succeed at will become amazingly easier. I did it. You can do it.

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