America’s Depopulation Agenda

Depopulation Agenda in Africa

 America’s Depopulation Agenda – Some time in the 80’s, there was a great global push for family planning and population management to make sure the family is not large.

Having two to three children was seen as the ideal thing because we are now supposed to be seen as responsible and not bear children like chickens, because the worlds resources cannot handle the sudden population that was anticipated.


Before we knew what was happening people were encouraged to use family planning, methods like the pill, the injections, the plant which is fixed under the skin, IUD devices and women were taught how to count their circle so that that they can space their children well and not have too many children because the world was going to be overwhelmed by the number of African children and other children in the so called least developed countries. In a short time there was influx of family planning clinics, massive adverts on TV, increase in the use of condoms and massive awareness in that regards.

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America’s Depopulation Agenda in Disguise

Something interesting and disturbing was discovered of recent. Can you imagine that 46years ago, some people came together in the united states and wrote a document saying that if least developed countries in Africa and other parts of the world continued to grow the way they were growing, they would become a threat to the united states of America, being able to get access to their mineral wealth and resource space.

Henry Kissinger's View on Depopulation Agenda
Henry Kissinger’s View on Depopulation Agenda

Just think about that. There has always been gist about the depopulation agenda but finding it document somewhere is mind blowing.  Let’s take a look at some of the things we discovered recently. There are some countries that are called the developed countries who call us friends and have come to offer us help in form of money, technology and superior ways, when in the actual sense they are helping themselves.

Human Life International (HLI)
Human Life International (HLI)

There is an organization called the Human Life International (HLI) with the website, a US based based organization committed to defending lives and families around the world. DR. Bryan Close of HLI published an article titled The Blue Print for World Depopulation. It is about the National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200). The NSSM 200 was a decisive document in the history of US foreign policy. Because it touches on the motivation behind US funding for population control, an awareness of NSSM 200 is crucial to understanding why the US continues to spend millions of tax dollars to prevent families in the developing world from having children. NSSM 200 was written in 1974 under the direction of secretary of state Henry Kissinger.


The anti-population aspect of American policy was actually well underway, with the creation of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in 1961. NSSM 200 simply added the issue of national security as another justification. The US are saying the population of other countries is infringing on their own security and their interest in other countries. The article says the young people who are in much higher proportion in many LDC’s are likely to be more volatile and stable prone to extremes and violence than an older population.

Rescind NSSM 200
Rescind NSSM 200

Theses young people can more or readily be persuaded to attack the legal institutions of the government or real property of the establishment of the imperialist multi national corporation. These people are calling young people “bad luck”.

The younger generation is considered dangerous just like the recent happenings in Nigeria concerning the end SARS protest.  The US imposes some of their policies on us without our government questioning them which means that African domestic policies hasn’t really been African domestic policies. The article listed 13 countries that will be under the US funded population control, they are India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, turkey, Ethiopia and Columbia.

Note that the three African countries are the ones with the highest population in the continent and they have been marked to receive special attention in regards to population control in other to protect the US interest. Between 1996 to 2013 over of one hundred billion dollars was donated by developed countries towards population control, nearly half of that sum was donated by the united states of America. 63% percent was that money was used only for the three African countries. The countries that donated for this course got somethings in return, a huge flow of resources like minerals and irons. It is has always been a game of exchange, they give us money and take away our resources while we keep thinking they are doing us a favor.

In a document creating conditions conducive for fertility decline, the document says within the overall array of US foreign assistance program preferential treatment in allocation of funds and man power should be given to cause defective programs to reduce population growth, including both family planning activities and supportive activities in other sectors. What they are really interested in achieving is to legalize abortion, they are pushing the African parliament to legalize abortion. Secondly, they want to provide financial incentives for countries to increase their abortion sterilization and contraception use rate. Some forms vaccination was introduced which causes sterilization in women which will hinder reproduction.

Mob storms gay-rights office in Ivory Coast
Gay and lesbian activists attend Uganda’s first gay pride parade and celebration at the Entebbe Botanical Gardens, Kampala, Uganda, 04 August 2012. Both male and female homosexual activity is illegal in Uganda. The parade took place the day after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised activists who opposed a tough draft law in Uganda targeting gays and lesbians. She called them an inspiration for others struggling to secure equal rights around the world. EPA/RACHEL ADAMS

Another is the food chain, the use of herbicides and pesticides in food which are toxins and can affect the reproductory system which can be passed down to generations. Thirdly, Indoctrination of children through sex education and propaganda. Sex education being included in school syllabus. They have also been pushing for the legalization of homosexuality.

Population of Africa

Africa has the worlds largest arable land, a resource the world needs, Africa is blessed and we should protect it at any cost. This is the reason why they want to wipe us out and take what belongs to Africa by all means. Africans should go back and re examine some of the deals and goodwill brought by this this people before celebrating and clapping for them. We have to sustain our growing population then we can take care of the world not for them to think of silencing us.

They also said no country has reduced its population growth without resulting to abortion, they recognized this in an official document. In US alone between 1973 and 2018 there were over 61.8 million abortions that were carried out officially, that is 5 times more than the total population of Rwanda, 5 nations killed in 45years.

In 2018, president Magufuli of Tanzania told the women in his country to stop using birth control and set their ovaries free, have babies and build the economy of Tanzania and propel the nation into greatness. This man is a scientist, he’s exposed and well-travelled. He has rejected many of their deals and is standing firm to say no to Imperialism and neocolonialism.

Africa should have a rethink and should not be sweet talked into accepting just anything presented to us. They said having more children increases poverty and inequality but the question is does having fewer children increases wealth and equality? Let’s think about this and learn from China.

Written by: Eugenia Zinanmi Sanda

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