Discover the Unknown: The Aka Tribe

The Aka Tribe is a predominantly pygmy tribe found in some parts of Central African Republic and The Republic of the Congo. Their main occupation is hunting and gathering of foods. We may be right to say they are scavengers. The tribe consists of approximately 30,000 people

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC – CIRCA 1900: Pygmies in Central African Republic – The two wives of an aka pygmy man with their youngest baby. (Photo by Veronique DURRUTY/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

A unique feature known about this tribe is perhaps the closeness between the fathers and their babies. They spend much time with the babies, they carry and feed them. They pair up with their wives to hunt, prepare food and also engage in other leisure activities.


The lifestyle has put them at a risk of coming in contact with several diseases, including the common Ebola Virus.

The Aka tribe do not acquire formal education. The children are made to learn hunting, gathering while very young. Gradually, they learn how to cook, and before age ten, an Aka child can survive alone in the forest.

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