Four Kwara Police Officers Dismissed For Extorting Suspect

Four Kwara Police Officers Dismissed For Extorting Suspect

Four police officers have been dismissed from the Kwara State Police Command after being found guilty of misconduct including extorting a suspect.


Spokesperson of the command, Peter Okasanmi who confirmed the development further disclosed that eight other officers were also sanctioned for related offenses.

It was further learned that the state police commissioner has ordered a retrial in one of the cases involving the four officers.


Okasanmi said;


“One of the cases tried, reviewed and in which punishment of dismissal was upheld involved the duo of ex-Sgt Sola Akano, and ex- Cpl Babatunde Glorious.

“They were alleged to have illegally arrested a suspect, booked the suspect already in their custody out on enquiry, but took him to his bank, where he was made to empty his bank account, withdrawing the sum of N1,190,000 for the dismissed officers.

“Not done, they again demanded and insisted on the sum of N200,000 bail which they also collected from members of the suspect’s family before releasing him.

“The duo also seized the two phones of the suspect and as at the time of their arrest, the two phones had already been checked and converted to their personal use.

“It was after the suspect regained his freedom that the matter was brought before the police commissioner, who ordered the investigation of the two ex-non commissioned officers.”

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