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Fun Facts About Eritrea

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  • Want More From Africa? Learn more about Djibouti, Horn of Africa & come back for Eritrea (a country with one of the most oldest tourist sites)

Asmara | Eritrea | Fun Facts

Fun Facts – Officially the State of Eritrea is a country in the Horn of Africa, with its capital (and largest city) at Asmara. It is bordered by Ethiopia in the south, Sudan in the west, and Djibouti in the southeast.

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The north-eastern and eastern parts of Eritrea have an extensive coastline along the Red Sea. The nation has a total area of approximately 117,600 km2 (45,406 sq mi), and includes the Dahlak Archipelago and several of the Hanish Islands. Eritrea is a multi-ethnic country with nine recognized ethnic groups.

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Nine different languages are spoken by the nine recognized ethnic groups. Most people in the territory adhere to Christianity or Islam, with a small minority adhering to traditional faiths.


  • Eritrea Is Home to One of the Oldest Port Cities in Africa ‘The port city of Adulis’.
The Ancient Port of Adulis
Picture Caption: The Ancient Port of Adulis | CC: Ministry of Tourism Eritrea Centre for Strategic Studies used on | For Fun Facts about Eritrea | Africa History & Documentary
  • The Imperial Palace Overlooking the harbor in Massawa. The current building was built in the 19th century by Werner Munzinger and was used by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie.
Massawa | Pearl on the Read Sea
Massawa | Pearl_on the Red Sea – Eritrea Fun Facts | CC: VisitEritrea | Used on | Fun Facts About Eritrea
  • St Mariam Cathedral: This beautiful building includes a lovely mural on the outside of the building that most find incredibly welcoming.
St. Mariam Cathederal Tower Building. CC: Pixabay, USER:  ID 12019 used on | Fun Facts About Eritrea, Africa
St. Mariam Cathederal Tower Building. CC: Pixabay, USER: ID 12019 used on | Fun Facts About Eritrea, Africa
  • In the south of Eritrea, just on the edge of the highlands, is Senafe well-known for the Metera (or Balaw Kalaw) ruins. Other popular sites in town include Enda-Tradqan, a monolithic church and the huge stone outcropping found to the south of town.
  • Dahlak Marine National Park Surrounded by water and located in the Dahlak Archipelago is a dense eco-system largely undisturbed by man. You’ll find turtles, dolphins, manta rays and over 300 species of fish. Underwater volcanoes have made incredible pumice stone formations and the many shipwrecks around the islands make for one of the most incredible diving experiences you’re like to have. Be on the lookout for Dugon dugon – the unique marine mammals believed to be the origin of the mermaid myth.
  • Qohaito: one of the most famous archaeological sites in Eritrea. Here you’ll find the ruins of the Safra’s Dam and King Saba’s palace – dating to the Axumite and pre-Axumite periods.
Qohaito | Famous archaeological sites in Eritrea | (C) Kevin Yang's Blog - Kevin Yang Copyrighted 2018 - Caves, Ruins of Qohaito
Qohaito | Famous archaeological sites in Eritrea | (C) Kevin Yang’s Blog – Kevin Yang Copyrighted 2018 – Caves, Ruins of Qohaito
  • Filfil Here you’ll find what remains of Eritrea’s tropical forest. This once abundant ‘Green Belt’ is home to a lovely variety of mammals and bird species.
a Nice curly road design on a hill side found in eritrea called filfil
Filfil – Amazing Travel Destination in Eritrea | cc: Eritrea Travel Agency & Guide – used on
  • The portion of Dankalia located within Eritrea runs along the coast of the Red Sea for about 500 kilometres. The Danakil depression and is considered to be the hottest place on Earth. For those adventurers who dare to go, the landscape is fascinating and a once in a lifetime experience.
  • Keren is a pretty town that’s famous for being a quiet and laid back place. Famous for the Tigu Egyptian fort, dating to the 19th century, the railway station, Sayed Bakri Mausoleum, the 6th century Debre Sina Monastery famous for the cave dwellings there, and St Maryam Deari Chapel.
  • Asmara notable for its lovely walking neighbourhoods, street cafes with delicious Italian coffee, dozens of pastry shops, and a slow pace about town.

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